Doll Sewing Tutorial – Clipping Curves

This is part of a series of tutorials which I had posted on an old blog, and are reposting here.

More of a tips and tricks post than a full on tutorial today, but a really handy one.

Clipping curves can really alter the way your sewing looks and sits on your doll once it is finished.

Clipping curves allows for the seam fabric to move more, so that it can overlap or pull away to create a smooth curve over the body. Without it, curves can look pointed, flat or lumpy.

To clip a curve, simply cut into your seam allowance, stopping short a few millimetres from the stitching line. Once you turn the garment right side out and press, the curve should stay neat and smooth.

Clipping the curve of a pants pocket:


As you can see, the curve is nice and smooth.

Waist and hips on corsets and dresses are another point where clipping helps with creating shape. Here I have clipped the waist of this corset to help keep its hourglass silhouette.

Probably one of the most important uses of clipping is at the bust, as there is a lot of curvature in a small area.


For curves that turn outwards, sometimes you need to cut V shapes into the seam as shown below, rather than just clip, as there is too much fabric in a small area, and you need to reduce bulk.

More info on clipping and reducing bulk in your seams can be found in this post by The Cutting Class.